2020 Technical Large Animal Rescue Seminar

We are pleased to welcome back Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted PhD, world renowned expert on large animal safety and rescue!


May 15th Junior Session

Course designed for youth 13-18 years of age with or without horse experience

May 16th-17th First Responders Session

Full Registration for 2 Day course exclusively open to First Responders 

This event will meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association

Code NFPA 1670



Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted

Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted holds a BS in Biology from Wofford College, a PhD in Animal Physiology from Clemson University. A past Biology adjunct professor, her current scientific research interests include a national survey of trailer accident causality, barn fire causality and improving fire prevention standards for animal facilities, study of animal physiological responses to Technical Rescue procedures and equipment, and investigation into poor nutrition in horse neglect cases. Her first book on Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue was published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2008.

She gives training in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAERTM ) techniques across the US and Internationally. She leads the USA in innovative ideas, methodologies, her understanding of complex human factors involved in large animal rescue aspects, and facilitates an online Facebook study group of 12k+ global members featuring 12 administrators to discuss and share techniques in applied large animal rescue and disasters related to large animals. She serves as an advisor for numerous graduate and veterinary school students, serves on various committees (including Equine Welfare with PATH, International), teaches online courses in horse behavior and welfare, and hosts TLAER working students at her farm in Georgia.



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Junior Agenda

May 15th, 2020


Junior Registration

Opens Feb 15th


per particpant

First Responders Agenda

May 16th-17th, 2020


*Please arrive 8:00 on Day 1 for Registration

Early Bird Registration

Opens Feb 15th 

$80 per participant

After April 15th 

$100 per particpant

  • Animal handling in emergency situations

  • Basic concepts in emergency rescue

  • Prevention strategies

  • Introduction to trailer safety

  • Large animal behavior

  • And More!

  • Incident prevention

  • Emergency scene management

  • Basics of technical rescue

  • Livestock trailer incidents

  • Integration of veterinarians into emergency response 

*Course designed for youth 13-18 years of age with or without horse experience


Pizza and beverages included!

Breakfast and Lunch provided both days!

Expanded 2 Day Curriculum

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Junior Session

2019 TLAER Long Island Seminar

First Responders Session

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